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Community Development Council


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Red Cedar Wellness Center, also known as The "Long House” Community Center, will serve as a vocational training facility that will offer training in Information and Security Technology, Agricultural Sciences, Housing Construction & Technology, Homeownership, and Entrepreneurial training in alternative health and wellness.


Great plans are underway in North Carolina for Veterans’ healthcare and alternative healing services, future affordable housing for low to moderate income communities, trade and technical education services, and so much more. Over 470 acres will be developed for residential housing and commercial purposes.


Through the Emerald Coast/South Alabama Rehab & Revitalization Project, historically underserved communities will receive income-based housing and renovations, vocational and technical training, health and wellness resources, along with youth programs geared towards agriculture, technology, and transportation.


Two Hands Farming Project in Elko County, Nevada will assist community-based programs, and food banks with organic fruits and vegetables grown using the best equipment in hydroponics and traditional methods. We will also offer co-op programs with other local farmers.


Red Cedar Regional Community Development Council, Inc. is dedicated to the enrichment and overall economic development of Indigenous communities. This organization is led by the Cape Fear Band of Skarure and Woccon Indians and the Tekuani Binay, a Tribal Micro-Nation. We are committed to the overall growth of Indigenous communities, which in turn serves the surrounding economy, city and state. Aimed at providing opportunities for affordable housing, employment, education, vocational training, and more, Red Cedar Regional Community Development Council, Inc. is certain to bring forth a present and future with progressive contributors to exponentially grow our communities.


Throughout the oral history of many Indigenous cultures, the Red Cedar is often referred to as the "Ancestors' Tree". Moving forward as the realization of our ancestors' hopes and dreams, we honor them through Red Cedar Regional Community Development Council, Inc., continuing to foster the Red Cedar's symbolism of protection and prosperity to every community in which we serve. 

Click here to learn about the Cape Fear Band of Skarure and Woccon Indians of North Carolina and the Tekuani Binay, a Tribal Micro-Nation.




Community Center

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Triad Black Business Network


“What yall are doing is great, and we're behind you all the way!”

Town of Belville, NC Mayor

Mike Allen

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