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Our Impact


RED CEDAR REGIONAL CDC, INC. is an Indigenous community development organization created by tribal entities, the Cape Fear Band of Skarure and Woccon Indians and the Tekuani Binay, a Tribal Micro-Nation, to address the needs of community development through education, job skills, training and more.



Red Cedar Regional CDC, Inc. will undertake a variety of community and economic development activities
in each of the member areas providing affordable housing opportunities, housing counseling, community and health services, and vocational training to our low-moderate income residents, veterans, and senior clients. Projects in each of our member areas will have a positive and significant impacts on our underserved urban and rural residents in the cities, villages, and towns that we service. Some of our members and projects are located in and provide services to those on federally, Recognized Tribal Lands.


The goal of RED CEDAR REGIONAL CDC, INC. is to help our tribes and communities with being self-sufficient, independent and helping the people of our communities become progressive contributors to our growing communities.

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