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Čwén (Greetings). I'm Lovell Pierce, Jr.; Principal Chief of the Cape Fear Band of Skarure and Woccon Indians. As Title in Red Cedar, my focus with the Red Cedar Community Development Council is to empower the Cape Fear Band of Skarure and Woccon Indians, and other North Carolina indigenous communities through education, affordable housing, employment opportunities and so much more.

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The Cape Fear Band of Skarure and Woccon Indians

The Cape Fear Band of Skarure and Woccon Indians, contemporarily known as Cape Fear Indians, is a Pre-Colonial nation. In our language, Onkwehonwe-neha” means that all life – all people (regardless of race, nationality or ethnic origins), earth, water, plants, vegetables, trees, animals, rocks, winds, sun, moon, stars, and spirit world are all part of the sacred circle. We are all part of life that the Creator made.

As media focus mostly highlights the indigenous people who reside in the western part of the United States, many people fail to realize that North Carolina has the largest American Indian population East of the Mississippi, ranking as the 8th largest population of any state in the nation.


People of color found themselves to be in positions of wealth and power before the 1898 Wilmington, NC Fire  and Massacre; the still looming shadow in the history of North Carolina, referred to as "Wilmington on Fire". Before that horrific event, remnants of slavery, free people of color, and indigenous people had opportunities and means to create legacies - something that their descendants of today often find impossible. Red Cedar Regional Community Development Council, with the strength of the Ancestors, will work to rekindle the spirit of Unity in our community and make independence and wealth building attainable for the next 7 generations!

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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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